Saturday 15 June 2013

Liberia Beyond Monrovia: A Small-Town Mayor's Big Visions for the Future

Etweda "Sugars" Cooper, mayor of Edina, Liberia, discusses her vision for the small town's future in the wake of 14 years of civil war. "Just come back two years from now," Cooper says with a grin, "and see what we have done as a people."

Video courtesy of Ed Robbins / Ed Robbins reported for this video on a recent Gatekeeper Editors' trip to Liberia with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Progress from 2010-2012 I Restorations on EIRA

With support by the school of Oelde, Germany and various private donators the EIRA school buildings on the new spot, which was purchased in 2010, were put in shape significantly. 80% of the buildings are now roofed and painted in the EIRA colours blue and yellow.

Proper sanitary facilities, school desks and benches, regular payment of the teachers are still desperately needed. Herefor donations are always welcome and will be transfered to a 100% directly (via Western Union or Money Gram to the school. For revision Pastor Blojah sends building and work reports with picture after any donation.

If you are interested in taking part in or supporting our project please write to

above: EIRA new buildings based on war ruins 2010 when just purchased
below: EIRA in June 2012


Tuesday 26 July 2011

Playing drums for EIRA

During the school's summer project week, children of the "Von-Ketteler-Schule" in Oelde were able to collect almost 500 € from teachers and parents for further support of EIRA. The drummer Johnny Lamprecht donated 2 € of any sold CD. EIRA still needs considerable support for restoration and installation of the missing roof structure on 2 of 4 buildings. With projects like these EIRA will be capable to accomodate more and more children in the area of Paynesville and provide them better education possibilities. A big hug and "THANK YOU" to all children, parents and teachers at the "Von-Ketteler-Schule" in Oelde!!!